New Technology Development

Michael Bedzyk image

Michael Bedzyk

Atomic-Scale View of Interfacial Processes with X-rays

Picture: X-ray studies of solar cells.

Ed Colgate image

Ed Colgate

Surface haptics

Picture: The working principle of electrostatic tactile displays.



Chad Mirkin image

Chad Mirkin

On-wire lithography and dip-pen nanolithography.

Picture: Elastomeric-tip array for dip-pen nanolithography.


Hooman Mohseni image

Hooman Mohseni

Super lens lithography: a novel nanolithography technique for fabrication of large areas of uniform nanohole and nanopillar arrays.

Picture: Five equally spaced plasmonic disks fabricated using tilted exposure microsphere nanolithography.


John Rogers New Technology

John Rogers Group

Soft lithographic and electrohydrodynamic nanofluidic methods, and their use in building structures for basic and applied studies in areas ranging from printed electronics to biomolecular sensors.

Picture: A “skin-like” microfluidic platform that bonds to the skin, collects, and stores sweat in a time sequenced set of chambers.

Cheng Sun image

Cheng Sun

Optical metamaterials, super-resolution nanoimaging, 3D micro-/nano-fabrication, nano-bio interface, solar energy conversation.

Picture: Optical microscopy images of Coscinodiscus sp.



Acknowledgement Statement for Publications

This work utilized Northwestern University Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB), which is partially supported by Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental (SHyNE) Resource (NSF ECCS-1542205), the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF DMR-1720139), the State of Illinois, and Northwestern University.