Biology and Medicine

Backman image

Vadim Backman

New bio-imaging and spectroscopy technology, cancer screening, and related theory.

Picture: Live HeLa cell nanocytology image and its fluorescence (main panel).


Dravid image

Vinayak Dravid

“Theranostic” nanostructures: diagnostic imaging & targeted therapeutics.

Picture: Magnetic nanostructures for targeting cancer cells.


Espinosa image

Horacio D. Espinosa

Engineered microsystems for cell access and analysis. Single cell studies. Cell-cell mechanics

Picture: A microsystem for cell access and analysis.


Jewett Group

Michael Jewett

Reconceptualize the way we engineer complex biological systems involved in protein synthesis and metabolism for compelling applications in medicine, materials, and energy by transforming biochemical engineering with synthetic biology.

Picture: Droplet generation and selection in pico-injector and in-chip sorter.

Joester image

Derk Joester

Engineering of biomaterials synthesis in cell culture and the biologically inspired in vitro synthetic (re)construction of artificial mineralizing systems.

Picture: In vitro stabilization of amorphous calcium carbonate within phospholipid vesicles.

Miller Image

William Miller

Human and animal cell culture applications in biotechnology, medicine, and tissue engineering with a focus on megakaryopoiesis and ex vivo platelet production from blood stem cells.

Picture: Proplatelet formation

Mirkin image

Chad Mirkin

Spherical nucleic acids in novel materials synthesis, novel biodetection and nanotherapeutic approaches.

Picture: A spherical nucleic acid.


Mrksch image

Milan Mrksich

Biomaterials and interfaces, cell adhesion and migration, electroactive interfaces, physical organic chemistry of interfacial reactions, and bio-inspired nanostructured materials and biochips.

Picture: Localisation microscopy: Htt aggregates in tunneling nanotubes


John Rogers

John Rogers Group

Bio-inspired large area, flexible and stretchable electronics for intimate integration with the human body

Picture: Bio-resorbable, silk-based electronics for neural monitoring. In vivo testing on an animal model.

Stupp image

Samuel Stupp

Development of self-assembling organic materials, focusing on functions relevant to energy and medicine.

Picture: Peptide amphiphile nanostructure for cell signaling.


Zhang Optics

Hao F. Zhang

Development of optical imaging and sensing technologies for biomedical applications, including ophthalmology, vision science, neuroscience, HIV, and cancers.

Picture: A transparent broadband ultrasonic detector based on an optical micro-ring resonator for photoacoustic microscopy. In collaboration with Prof. Cheng Sun.

Acknowledgement Statement for Publications

This work utilized Northwestern University Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB), which is partially supported by Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental (SHyNE) Resource (NSF ECCS-1542205), the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF DMR-1720139), the State of Illinois, and Northwestern University.