Electrical Test Station

Probe Station – Signatone

  • Manual Analytical Probe Stationelectrical-test-station
  • 6″ X-Y Sample Stage
  • 2″ X-Y Stage for High Powered Microscope
  • 6″ Gold Plated Vacuum Chuck
  • Course & Fine Platen Lift including Micropositioner vacuum ports and connections
  • Holds from single die to 6″ wafer
  • Six high resolution micropositioners with vacuum base
  • Triax probe tip holders
  • Dark box with triax and BNC connectors
  • Color Video System
  • Vibration Isolation System

Test equipment – Agilent 4155C

  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • 3.0m interlock, 4x coaxial, 4x triaxial cables
  • Desktop EasyEXPERT Software and Measurement Libraries

Test Equipment – Agilent 4285A

  • Precision LCR meter 75kHz to 30MHz

Training Manual: Electrical Test Station