Covid-19 NUFAB User Instructions

Your health is the top most priority for us. Any violation of these policies will result in revocation of your access. No new trainings available until Phase 3.

“Pandemic Essentials: Research on Campus” training is required before coming to campus.

Please check out our COVID-19 NUFAB User video.


  1. Do not enter NUFAB if you have been sick or with somebody who was sick.
  2. Read and follow health requirements here before becoming to campus.
  3. If sick, your reservations will be cancelled without penalty.

Social Distancing

  1. Practice at least 6 ft social distancing (3 cleanroom tiles) at all times
  2. No more than 2 users in Bay 1, Bay 2, or Bay 3 at any time
  3. No more than 1 user in acid area, laser cutter room, or gowning room at any time
  4. Do not enter the cleanroom if your area is full or there are already 8 users in the cleanroom as shown on entrance screen
  5. No visitors or shadowing


New rules:

  1. Short blue shoe covers are one time use only – discard in trash bin when leaving.
  2. All users are supplied their own gowning, no more sharing.
  3. No more detached hoods or long white shoe covers.
  4. Coveralls are adequately spaced to avoid transmission of Covid-19 by accidental touching
  5. Coveralls are stored in vestibule area with adequate spacing and moved to gowning room by staff for users with reservations in NUcore
  6. Do not use cleanroom phones, use your mobile phones to call staff.


  1. Check the screen in entrance corridor, to ensure cleanroom is not full
  2. Sanitize your hands using hand sanitizer before wearing blue shoe covers
  3. Gowning room is single-person occupancy. If anyone inside, wait for your turn.
  4. Bring your own stylus or wipe down touch screen/stylus at the cleanroom entrance before use
  5. Touch the nitrile gloves at sleeves only when wearing – leave the bins open
  6. Wear hairnet
  7. Wear beard cover over your face mask. Your face mask must cover your mouth and nose.
  8. Each and every item going in the cleanroom must be thoroughly wiped with 70% IPA before taking in the cleanroom (to be efficient do not bring in unnecessary items). Follow posted sign.
  9. Remove smart phones from the cases and thoroughly wipe down with 70% IPA and take with you to cleanroom.
  10. Always leave your coverall in the spot you took it from
  11. Wear one leg of the coverall and swing it over the bench, then wear the other leg and swing it over such that coverall shoe covers do not touch the dirty area.
  12. Wipe down safety glasses before wearing even if you bring your own safety glasses
  13. Change gloves after wiping safety glasses.
  14. Wipe down microscopes’ eye pieces before and after use. Wipes will be provided on spot.
  15. Acid Hood PPE: Wipe down with 70% IPA before use.

Equipment Reservations in NUcore

  1. No equipment can be used without reservation in NUcore
  2. Must make reservations latest by noon (12pm) on a business day before. So Saturday, Sunday, and Monday reservations must be made before noon on Friday.
  3. Leave at least 30 minutes before and after existing reservations for temporal spacing
  4. Do not make reservations that violate occupancy rules, for example, if user 1 booked DRIE from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, and user 2 booked ebeam evaporator from 9:30 am – 11:00 am, then user 3 cannot reserve any equipment in Bay 1 during 9:30 am – 10:00 am as that would violate occupancy limit of 2 users in Bay 1 at any time.
  5. This link will help you comply with occupancy limits when reserving tools.
  6. Staff will remove/adjust reservations that violate occupancy limit and inform the affected users.
  7. Staff will also remove/adjust reservations on adjacent equipment if times clash.