New Technology Development

Cheng Sun image

Cheng Sun

Optical metamaterials, super-resolution nanoimaging, 3D micro-/nano-fabrication, nano-bio interface, solar energy conversation.

Picture: Optical microscopy images of Coscinodiscus sp.



Chad Mirkin image

Chad Mirkin

On-wire lithography and dip-pen nanolithography.

Picture: Elastomeric-tip array for dip-pen nanolithography.


Hooman Mohseni image

Hooman Mohseni

Super lens lithography: a novel nanolithography technique for fabrication of large areas of uniform nanohole and nanopillar arrays.

Picture: Five equally spaced plasmonic disks fabricated using tilted exposure microsphere nanolithography.


Ed Colgate image

Ed Colgate

Surface haptics

Picture: The working principle of electrostatic tactile displays.



Michael Bedzyk image

Michael Bedzyk

Atomic-Scale View of Interfacial Processes with X-rays

Picture: X-ray studies of solar cells.

Acknowledgement Statement for Publications

This work utilized Northwestern University Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB), which is partially supported by Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental (SHyNE) Resource (NSF ECCS-1542205), the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF DMR-1121262), the State of Illinois, and Northwestern University.