Materials Science and Engineering

Dravid image

Vinayak Dravid

Interfaces and defect phenomena in advanced materials, spatially and dimensionally confined structures and assembly, novel microscopy and analysis, synthesis, patterning and microscopy of nanostructures.

Picture: Lattice image revealing elastic strain in PbSe−2%Na.


Marks image

Tobin Marks

Organometallic chemistry, molecular photonics, transparent oxide, and molecular electronics.

Picture: Cross-linkable molecular hole-transporting semiconductor.




Lauhon image

Lincoln Lauhon

Hierarchicalmaterials synthesis, nanostructure visualization, novel devices and functional imaging.

Picture: A Si nanowire imaged by AFM, optical microscope and scanning photocurrent microscope



Hersam image

Mark Hersam

Scanning probe microscopy, nanomaterials processing, nanoscale and microscale devices.

Picture: Devices based on monolayer MoS2


Brinson image

Cate Brinson

Advanced materials and material behavior modeling, material genome prediction, polymer and polymer nanocomposites, shape memory alloys.

Picture: The topography, adhesion, and modulus map on a PMMA/silica sample




Torkelson image

John Torkelson

Polymers in nano-confined geometries, gradient copolymers, and solid-state shear pulverization.

Picture: SEM image of Lignin, a byproduct of paper and pulp industries and a sustainable, inexpensive biomaterial.


Cheng image

Robert Chang

Unconventional solar cell design, nanostructured carbon sheets, photonic crystals, amorphous semiconducting oxide, and nanostructured plasmonic materials in the infrared.



Odom image

Teri Odom

Materials and nanofabrication, nanophotonics and nano-optics, nanomedicine and bioimaging.

Picture:Au plasmonic oligomers on PU pyramid




Mirkin image

Chad Mirkin

Anisotropic nanostructures with unique shape-dependent properties and functionalities, and organometallic chemistry.

Picture: Silver nanostructures prepared by plasmon-mediated syntheses




Aydin image

Koray Aydin

Investigate optical metamaterials, plasmonics, and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the interaction between light and nanoscale photonic materials and to control these interactions.

Picture: Enhanced light emission from large-area monolayer MoS2 using plasmonic nanodisk arrays.


Emily Weiss image

Emily Weiss

Electronic ratchets – far-from-equilibrium systems, transporting electrons by breaking inversion symmetry.

Picture: Electronic ratchets


Acknowledgement Statement for Publications

This work utilized Northwestern University Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB), which is partially supported by Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental (SHyNE) Resource (NSF ECCS-1542205), the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF DMR-1121262), the State of Illinois, and Northwestern University.